Dapur Penyet

Introducing the Authentic and Fantastic Indonesian Dapur Penyet

I stumble Dapur Penyet during my search for a tasty lunch in Kota Damansara. It recalls me of a good memory of having an outstanding Ayam Penyet in Indonesia, and thus I ask my friend care to try this new restaurant since they offer RM 11 for a set lunch that comes with a bowl of soup and drink. It is a good deal for lunch at Kota Damansara.

Interior 2
Interior 2
Interior 1
Interior 1

The interior of dapur penyet they design like a fast-food restaurant reminds me of McD setting. We need to come to the counter to order and pay, and then they will send the food to our table. When we come actually, there is no customer. I give the benefit of the doubt that this place is genuinely new, and not many people know about it yet.

Ayam Penyet Set
Ayam Penyet Set at Dapur Penyet Kota Damansara

It does not take a long time for our food to arrive at dapur penyet. I am so happy when it came fast, as I am starving and have quite an expectation for Indonesian food. The picture above is the same as the picture that they put on the banner outside. At least they are honest about the portion and size of the chicken. Sometimes you go for quality to cover up quantity. From what I know, this portion is just beautiful for me, but it would not make me fully satisfied. They should add more Tempe or fried tofu since the price is meager, and it gives a feeling of generosity to the customer.

After the meal, overall, the taste is quite ok. Not as the one that I expected to have. One thing that I have to give credit is the chili taste is authentic. It might be a little bit spicy for Malaysians. Sadly the chicken taste is not good enough, yes they are deeply-fried, just that the ingredient is different from original Ayam Penyet from Indonesia.

I was wondering that probably this dapur penyet has to adjust the taste to local taste. If you are looking for a quick lunch at Kota Damansara, this place you might try. Another shop of Ayam Penyet is located at Shah Alam.

You can find the address Dapur Penyet at Kota Damansara from below:


Address: Jalan PJU 5/12, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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