Kay's Steak and Lobster

Get Your Double Value Lobster and Steak at Kay’s

My wife and I are having our fourth anniversary. I want to have a special meal for both of us to enjoy. Upon recommendation to me about Kay’s steak and lobster, but if it is for the place, he mentions that I need to reconsider to another site. My wife and I are more particular to food than a place, so we decide to give it a go.

Kay's Steak and Lobster interior
Kay’s Steak and Lobster interior

The interior is quite friendly and having Malaysia landmark as the main picture (see KLCC building is more significant than any other landmark building). It is quite suitable for family dining too as they have plenty of children’s chairs. Make a reservation if you dine in on the weekend to avoid waiting outside as there are limited are for sitting during the queue for your turn.

The place quite easy to find, and the sign are clear, so you would not miss it too much. I always wanted to enjoy a good lobster, which is why I choose this place. There are two recommended dishes according to my friend, one is their lobster, and the other one is tomahawk meat — the second dish I have to order in a group of 4 men to finish it. Luckily I took his advice as the smallest meat 1.5 KG!!!!


Fried mozzarella cheese

My first entree, fried mozzarella. Quite a bit salty to my taste and their tomato sauce is quite good and bled well with the stick. I think if they can make the flour slightly thinner, it will taste better.

Caesar Salad with Chef Sauce Kay's Steak and Lobster
Caesar Salad with Chef Sauce

Yes, salad is a must. To balance our tough day. The sauce is good and loves the toasted bread they put into the mixture. The portion is somewhat small for any average salad. Consider you are eating fine dining here anyway.

Enough about Green, Show Me the Meat!

Kay's Steak and Lobster Tenderloin
Kay’s Steak and Lobster Tenderloin

I can say they done this meat right!!! Sous-vide characteristic!!. I order medium, so the juicy and tenderness are good. Their sauce is superb too!! A must-order if you want to eat steak and you eat alone. 200 gram in size, and just lovely when you finish the generous serving mash potatoes. The only thing that I can comment on is that the finishing touch needs to improve, especially the outer layer of the meat.

Kay's Steak and Lobster Tenderloin
Lobster with butter garlic sauce
Kay's Steak and Lobster Tenderloin

Lobster with butter garlic sauce 2

Love the taste of lobster!!! Fresh and yummy!! It the right choice to order this (yes the damage to my wallet quite significant too but worth it!!).

Overall dining in Kay’s Steak and Lobster

I love this place, rating it to one star is deserve it. The food is good, the service is excellent, and the price is somewhat reasonable for such quality food. For sure, I will be back to this place to dine their tomahawk meat. See this picture below.

Tomahawk meat

Yes, the meat above is 2 KG, it will be grilled for about 45 mins before they serve. The chef will come out to cut the chicken and serve it to the customer. I will back for this meat.

Conclusion Kay’s Steak and Lobster

You can find the location of Kay’s Steak and Lobster from the link below:



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