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Big And Yet Affordable Steak Jumbo Eatery at Riau Bandung

Who in my readers who love steak? At least I do! I like to eat steak a lot! Especially when they can cook the meat that is tender and juicy, without losing its authentic taste. I come across a restaurant called Jumbo. Jumbo eatery at Riau Bandung is well known for its significant portion and reasonable price.

My Bandung team loves to eat, which is why we decide to go to this place to enjoy some tasty meals. Not to discount that the price should be fit enough for our wallet. This restaurant will be my one of fav places after Warung Kopi Purnama. We had tried jumbo portion food in Bandung, and some of the sites are not recommended by us. Yes, you can have a significant portion, but you would not enjoy it since the taste is so-so.

1KG Tenderloin @ Jumbo Eatery

See the significant amount of meat and fries! We order about 1 KG of tenderloin cooked in medium-well. With a group of five persons, we have multiple preferences on how to prepare our meat. I love to eat medium-cook beef, but my team may not like it. So the safe option will be medium-well, because if we order well-done, better make it as a soup. There are many types of sauces that you can select, but we only choose mushroom sauce as it is highly recommended by the waiters. One tip for you, ask for the sauce to be separate so that you can eat the meat taste by its own before you dip into the sauce.

Verdict on the meat at Jumbo Eatery at Riau Bandung.

I love how they cook! This place definitely one-star eatery. Highly recommended for a big group of people. The mushroom sauce is an authentic and good match for meat taste. One thing that I wish they have will be tabasco. I know Tabasco sauce cost quite high, but it can significantly increase dining experience.

You can find jumbo eatery from the location below:

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