Wonderful and Unique Western Delicacy At S’mores Bangsar Nexus

Got a chance to dine in S’Mores Bangsar Nexus for lunch, which the location is pretty convenient and their outside decoration is quite noticeable. My colleague and I pass by this place, and quickly we decide to take our lunch here. Simply the set meal has lots of variation, and they serve pork.

We quickly get our table in the busy lunch hour at S’Mores Bangsar Nexus, as I see ordinary people dine here in a group of four or above. This is probably one of favorite place to have lunch in Bangsar South area.

S'mores interior
S’mores Bangsar Nexus interior

I like the interior, still having world cup fever and many flags are hanging in the restaurant (I did not take photos as lots of people dining in S’Mores Bangsar Nexus).

S'mores Specialist Menu
S’mores Bangsar Nexus Specialist Menu

Too bad that the specialist menu is only available for dinner. It is a sign that I have to back here again to enjoy their dinner menu. Notice the wagyu burger? That would be my list.

Beef Burger set S'Mores Bangsar Nexus
Beef Burger set

This one was entirely worth having, juicy patty, good sauce dip in for fries. The portion is somewhat reasonable as well. So it is suitable for your lunch craving.

Pork Chop set S'Mores Bangsar Nexus
Pork Chop set

The tenderness of the meat, combine with good sauce is what makes this dish tasty. Just that the side dish is quite small, especially the salad portion. I have to order another side dish of salad. The mash potato is hidden by the pork, sad to say the taste is somewhat average. If they do put more butter and mix herb, it will taste great.

Overall for S’Mores Bangsar Nexus

It is worth it to recommend for lunch, the serving is quite a fast, fresh meal, and the price is about RM 20++. So I think it is a somewhat good deal too.

You can find the location from the link below:


Not far from here, is one of good steak in town. Beato Steak Bangsar.

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