Tokyo Ramen

Tokyo Ramen @ Atria Shopping Center

Ramen is something that I do craving from time to time, to find tasty ramen is not easy in Malaysia. Many may claim that they do have good ramen noodles with outstanding soup plus the authenticity of Japanese taste, and yet there are only a few restaurants that able to claim that. I am just happen in Atria shopping centre after buying some groceries, my wife and me trying to find some simple food. It turns out I found the Tokyo ramen restaurant, so we decide to go and try the taste.

Tokyo Ramen
Tokyo Ramen @ Atria Shopping Centre
Interior 2
Interior 2

It located on the third floor of Atria, and the sign is quite outstanding, so it is hard to miss the shop. I love the interior design by the way. It brings a welcoming feeling. At that time we are here, it is around 11:30 AM so it is still not crowded with people yet. I keep telling my wife that I want the long table in our future house so that we can invite more people to our house to dine.

Pork Rice
Pork Rice @ Tokyo Ramen

This is the small portion of pork rice that we order, a thin slice of pork cooked with a sauce, and some seaweed at the bottom of the meat, with a good serving of onion. It tastes quite typical taste; I think it is not worth the price with the taste.

Shoyu @ Tokyo Ramen

A glimpse of shoyu based noodle. The portion is small and has some slice of pork meat. This noodle comes with rice, so we do expect it is a small serving portion. One comment that I have, I will never order this dish again. It is tastes like hot water with some sauce. Plus the noodle is not really on par with regular Japan ramen noodle. It is not chewy and tastes slightly blunt. I do understand that getting Japanese level of noodle is difficult in Malaysia since the flour and egg need to be imported from Japan itself, regardless of that, using local ingredient with the right method of the cooking process will be able to get quite close with the quality of Japanese noodle.

Tonkotsu King
Tonkotsu King @ Tokyo Ramen

This is our main dish that I pick. Only it contains ‘Naruto.’ The portion is significant with generous soup. Egg cook perfectly, and the meat tenderness is just lovely. The soup broth is outstanding and I really highly recommend this dish for anyone who comes to this place. Since the serving is big, so it is wise to share this with two people. I feel that the seaweed is less with this serving. If this dish using better noodles and getting the right salt. It will be much tastier. Even when I write this post, my mouth wet with saliva.

Overall this place is worth to mention simply because Tonkotsu ramen is superb. I have not tried other types of soup, but in serious note hopefully, they can improve the taste of the noodle.

You can find Tokyo Ramen from the link below:

Full address:

T11, Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya,, Jalan SS 22/23, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Open everyday from 10 AM – 10 PM, but for public holiday, it is wise to call before come.

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