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Unique Cold and Hot Dessert at Rollney George Town Penang

After having a good meal at Deen Maju, it is time for dessert. I need to select the right place since one of my foodie buddies is coming along. He has a high standard in a desert. So I decided to bring him to Rollney George Town. It is chimney cake stuff with ice cream. Well, since it is original dessert from oversea, the price follows international standard too (Which is not your average dessert).

Rollney George Town
Rollney George Town

It is located right in front of a mosque, so it is quite easy to spot. If you feel reach, you can try their new 24K gold ice cream. I choose normal one since I don’t plan to eat some metal anyway. Once you place an order, wait for about 10 mins, because they are making the chimney cake fresh.

Rollney George Town Interior 1
Rollney George Town Interior 1
Rollney George Town Interior 2
Interior 2

While you are waiting, you can enjoy the interior of Rollney George Town, take pictures, and post into Instagram to get more likes (Which is what we did!). So after 10 mins sharp, our bell rings.

My first choice is a vanilla ice cream with cinnamon chimney cake. It is a traditional dessert selection in Hungary. Goes really well with Vanilla taste. I wish they use Haagen Dazs ice cream for their choice since strong and smooth vanilla in Haagen Dazs can bring cinnamon taste better.

Our second selection is green tea chocolate ice cream. This is for my wife since she loves green tea taste well. Too bad for this time, they put sugar slightly more than the first one. Green tea taste should not be too sweet, so you can taste somewhat bitter tea taste. But this is personal preference anyway.

Verdict about Rollney George Town:

It is worth to mention! If I am passing by this shop, it absolutely will come again. Taste is good, just that price is in the premium range.

You can find the location of Rollney George Town from the link below:

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