Introducing The Authentic and Fantastic Indonesian Ayam Penyet Best

I went to PKNS Shah Alam to do my Visa since I am there until the afternoon, I am thinking of why not having lunch at the place then only go back home. It turns out it is the right decision as to when I am trying to find a tasty lunch at the location. Ayam Penyet Best has attracted me to dine there. I want to have a simple lunch and did not expect anything much.

menu @ ayam penyet best

When I see the menu, they do have some reasonable prices with good pictures. I am familiar with Indonesian food, so I decided to give a go two dishes, one is beef, and another one is chicken. Yes, there are few things that I also want to try like prawn and the fish. But that required some excellent skills to bring out good taste of the ingredients, and it is my first time having lunch here, so why not I am ordering their specialty.

Ayam penyet @ ayam penyet best

The chicken size is rather average. I request to get a thigh part as it is juicy. The food served in a traditional Indonesian way, which you will get Toufu and ‘Tempe.’ Tempe is an Indonesian fermented soybean. I love Tempe, especially eating it with classic made Indonesian chili. The only special is the crunchy part that on top of the chicken and the chili. It is a perfect chili!!.

empal @ Ayam Penyet Best

I have little faith for this dish, not to mention that it has some spices with the chicken dish. Little did I know, the beef is outstanding, despite they are using a second part of the meat and medium quality, they doing it well to make it juicy and tender. It is highly recommended this dish, not to mention that the combination of beef and chili, it is enough for me to coming back to this place twice in a week.

Overall, Ayam Penyet best is worth to mention, giving the beef is highly recommended, and if you can take spicy food, order more chili. It is similar taste with dapur penyet at kota damansara.

The location of Ayam Penyet best you can find below:

It located in the same row with old town white coffee and opposite KFC, ground floor of Kompleks PKNS.

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