Grids & Circles Singapore

Lovely Branch at Grids & Circles Singapore and Its Black Coffee

I have the chance to visit Singapore for 9 hours for a business meeting, and it happens located in Chinatown. So I asked around an excellent cafe to rest before my meeting happen. My requirements are a power plug and a good wireless connection. I never doubt about Singapore’s standard internet speed (not like Indonesia, good cafe provide 0.1 Mbps speed). So I come across grids & circles Singapore.

One thing I like about this place, they have amicable people. Because I ask their recommendation for the breakfast menu: Not too salty, too much portion, and having enough protein. Yeah, I am quite picky when it comes to breakfast. In Malaysia, they will give a sour face while explaining the menu. The person patiently explains some recommendations and asking me about my preference.

Grids & Circles Singapore
Grids & Circles Singapore Interior

So I decide Tuscan style skillet. It is a half-boiled egg with tomato sauce served with toast bread. It is one of the recommended menus in Grids & Circles Singapore. Once I make a payment, they lead me to the second floor as it has a bigger space and a more comfortable seat. Not to mention the power plug is almost in every table. Internet speed? An excellent and stable 20 Mbps!

So finally my food comes, and it is excellent! The boiled the egg to perfection! Exactly half-boiled egg! That softness and firmness of egg white with creamy yellow egg. What I am surprised about is actually the tomato paste. It is freshly made! I am expecting just a standard canned sauce. Never expect it is actually some home-made sauce.

Verdict about Grids & Circles Singapore:

It is worth to recommend. Love the egg, but sadly the bread need to be excellent to accompany. I will definitely be back to try their other menu when I have chances. There are many options that I have not tried yet.

You can find the location of Grids & Circles Singapore from a link below:

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