Nam Yung Pork Ribs

Fascinating and Epic Ribs at Pork Ribs King Taman Paramount

If you like to have a pork dish, pork ribs king is one of the many places that serve good pork. It comes with a good set lunch ( rice, soup, vegetables, and meat dish ) on one plate. It is normally crowded with people during lunchtime on weekend and most local who stays nearby can see them visiting this place to enjoy quite good lunch.

One thing that I like to have lunch here is, the service is fast and the price for set lunch is affordable, as you all know that getting affordable good lunch in Petaling Jaya these days become challenging as the standard living cost keep increasing despite gasoline has become cheaper and half-price per barrel compare last year. This restaurant offers a set lunch starting at RM 8 for any type of dish that you can choose. Start with pork ribs, chicken, fish, or pork fillet. Then you can try any type of sauce, like butter, sweet and sour, supreme, red wine, and many more. I never order their fish fillet, as my mind always thinks about pork whenever I come here.

Epic Ribs at Pork Ribs King

They also have a-la-carte dishes for you to enjoy if you come to a big number, which I believe it is worth more than ordering an individual set. I ordered once their steam fish, and it is pretty good to enjoy, although their steam fish not as famous as their pork chop. Despite crowded and sometimes you might need to queue outside until someone finishes their lunch, once you get into this place and eating it, you might be coming back here pretty frequently. When it comes to pork, Pinoy has a high standard on this, and a couple of my Pinoy friends often having their lunch here.

Nam Yung Pork Chop
Nam Yee Pork Chop @ pork ribs king

I ordered Nam Yee pork chop style, if you like the fried pork with tasty skins, this is a good option for you, as the meat is juicy and tender, and the skin is crispy plus salty, which you need to eat together with rice to make the saltiness balance. The soup that they serve is just a normal ABC soup, which you can ask for a second or more if you like the taste.

Overall, this place is really good to enjoy with family, and they serve food pretty fast and the waiters are kind enough to entertain any request from me.

You can find the address below:

25, Jalan 20/7, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

They open lunch and dinner time.

PS: There is a good springy noodle wantan mee nearby.

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