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Farmers Street @ Jaya Shopping Mall

Having a simple meal over Jaya shopping mall is what I have in mind. Not too complicated that required booking and order before hours to get the best dish, or queue for long minutes before we are seated and enjoying dinner. Which is why I decide to choose farmer streets located at Jaya shopping mall for quick dinner and hangout. Overall, they doing it right, which is why I would like to review this place in

Jaya shopping mall is an old shopping mall located in Seksyen 14 Petaling Jaya. This place is used to be a crowded place for locals to have shopping for their groceries, movies, and eateries. Since there is an incident of the building collapse, they had rebrand and rebuilding the place into the modern feel and look.

Farmers street located on the third floor at Jaya Shopping Center, and it is easy to find since the sign and color are standing out. I know this place offers adequate good food based on food reviews like katakcomel or Ihsan about the area. So I would like to give it a try.

Petai Rice with Sambal
Petai Rice with Sambal

My first order, which recommended by the waiter, is sambal petai rice. One of the traditional and speciality dish for farmers street. It productive of petai, and the sambal taste is good. This sound a little bit spicy for average chili eater. I like this dish. I wish they give the petai more since I love it. If you have no idea what to order, this might give you a good feeling after eating it.

Beef Stew with Rice
Beef Stew with Rice

The second dish is beef stew farmer’s street style. Beef stew is typically found in a local restaurant in Malaysia, but what this beef stew offers unique taste between sweet, salty, and the meat is tender enough to chew. It goes well with rice, and you will like this a lot if you are a fan of beef. You can request the chili cut to go along with the meat — next time I want to order it in a spicy version.

Overall, this place is worth to mention, and I know that they have branches in The Curve, Tropicana Mall, and Jaya mall. I hope they offer the same quality of taste. You can find the detailed info about farmers street from below:

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