Soffle Sunway Pyramid

Best Jiggly Authentic Souffle You Can Have at Soffle Sunway Pyramid

It is not common to see a dessert shop selling Soufflé in Malaysia. When I see one in Sunway Pyramid, instantly, I ask my wife to go. Finally, we can dine in Soffle Sunway Pyramid. I had been pass by this shop multiple times, and it always full of people. I guess it is because still new and also this dessert option is rare. This place is good when you just finish with heavy taste meal (Check this post)

I like the design of the shop, simple. You go to counter and order your item, and then they will give you the number along with the receipt. After that, you wait for your number to be called while they are making your order. Just that when the chair is full of people, then you need to wait until they clean the table. If you come on the weekend, you will find many people dining here.

Original Soffle with Ice Cream
Original Soffle with Ice Cream

Our first order is the original Soufflé with ice cream. You can taste the authentic taste of Soufflé and add ice cream after that. Apart from the soft texture, the taste is quite bland. Somehow I am a bit disappointed with Soffle Sunway Pyramid. I do have high expectations of this. Especially when it comes to French food.

Green Tea Souffle
Green Tea Souffle

Our second order is green tea Soufflé. Now, this is something that can recommend. The green tea taste is superb. I like green tea, which is why I am very picky when it comes to green tea. So I would not merely give a good rating when it comes to green tea. I am amazed that Soffle Sunway Pyramid can get such a high-quality green tea paste.

Overall, for Soffle Sunway Pyramid, it is recommended for you if you want something light dessert after a meal. This place is not really right to sit long as many people will keep looking at you in the hope you finish your food fast enough.

You can find the location at below:

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