Wong Mei Kee

Outstanding and Fantastic Crunchy Roasted Pork Here Wong Mei Kee

I have been hearing about this legendary shop Wong Mei Kee selling Chinese-style roasted pork. Since my university time, their fame has been in Pudu (probably more than one decade back) for the bbq roast pork with crunchy pork skin and tender meat. I intentionally bring my son here because he likes roasted pork due to crunchy skin. So getting to this place is considered easy to go. When you go for lunchtime, you really need to park appropriately as the police are quite active in this area.

When we arrived at Wong Mei Kee, we need to place our roasted pork order and wait for about 20 minutes. Many people queue, be it dining at the restaurant or order to take away. My number is 58, and I arrive there at about 11:40 AM. I can see the uncle busy chopping the roasted pork and he is the legend that brings Wong Mei Kee until today.

I took this photo to show everyone here that he actually makes a lot of roast pork. Despite making many of this legendary crunchy roasted pork, it finishes fast. So better arrive before lunchtime to be safe.

Finally, our order arrives. It is quite a simple dish, roast pork with two rice plates. We did not order other things as this dish is enough to fill our stomach full and satisfied. This roast pork really lift up Wong Mei Kee! The skin’s crunchiness and meat are tender and juicy. This is why people are willing to queue to enjoy the food here.

Conclusion about Wong Mei Kee

Overall, this place really worth two stars from my end. If you are in KL or happen to visit KL. This place is a must to go. You would remember this place as a legendary place in KL that you can enjoy authentic Chinese style roast pork.

You can find from the address here:

30, Jalan Nyonya, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

or click google maps here: https://goo.gl/maps/iETtqupJx11h1quC7

If you like pork dish, not far from here you can find one of best pork ribs in town at Morganfield’s.

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