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Le Café des Trois Sifflets @ Vevey

Christmas is almost coming, the most favorite holiday season for me, where nearly all corners were playing Christmas songs or having some Christmas decorations. I am fortunate to be able to travel to Switzerland in the year 2014, and there are lots of good memory from the trip itself. While having snow and cold breeze of air, you want to have something warm to make yourself comfortable. While you are in Switzerland, fondue is the dish where you can find almost everywhere and especially during winter. When I try to look for fondue in Vevey, many suggest to me to go to Le Café des Trois Sifflets.

Fondue is Switzerland’s traditional dish, where it composed of two parts of different cheese (sometimes more) and boil it slowly with white wine. Once the cheese has melted and become one with wine, that is the time you take the long stick, poke a piece of bread or potato, and stir inside the melted cheese until it fully covered with cheese. Then you can bite it. This dish goes well if you pair up with wine, or you can ask for some advice from a sommelier.

When talking about a good fondue restaurant in Vevey, I ask some locals, and they recommend me Le Café des Trois Sifflets, I think of three fishes since their logo having three cute fishes. This place is quite nearby to the Migros store, and you need to take a short walk to reach the restaurant.

Before Fondue
Before Fondue

This is a picture before the fondue is prepared. When you order Fondue in Le Café des Trois Sifflets, they will make fondue stove immediately, and when they had finished cooking it, they will come with some songs, plus they bring Swiss flag and marching to your table while singing Swiss song. Once they serve the fondue, they will march back to the kitchen and waving the flag. It is entertaining and amusing at the same time. Too bad, I focused on watching their actions, and I did not record it with my phone.


I order the traditional signature fondue as it is the restaurant signature dish. I asked the waiters that for the first-timer of fondue, I ask about some recommendations and he told me that this would be the best choice. He teaches us how to eat the fondue, and we can keep refilling the bread to our heart content. After we enjoy dining for a while, the waiters give us a little surprise by offering us a baked potato. Once we eat that with fondue, woow, the taste of potato and cheese jell together and without we realize it, we keep eating until it almost finishes.

Sliced meat
Sliced meat

We also order salted sliced meat to complement our dinner with some protein. To my preference it is slightly saltier, yet once we dip in a pot full of cheese, it turns out good, and since the chef slice it so thin, it is easy to chew, and the flavor goes well with wine, cheese or just having it at its own.

It is an incredible pleasure dining here, and I love to be back to this place again. Thoughtfully this place has created good memory and experience, We will be back to this place still when we visit Vevey, and of course this time we would like to order a different type of fondue which mix with beer.

Overall this restaurant worth two stars, if you are in Vevey, Switzerland and looking for a good fondue, look no further and visit this place. You must make a booking at this place as it is often fully booked, we come to the restaurant around lunchtime to book our dinner in this place.
You can find the detail of the place below:
Le Café des Trois Sifflets
Rue du Simplon 1
1800 Vevey
Tel. +41 (0)21 921 14 13

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