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Get Your Authentic Fresh Milk at Bandoengsche Melk Centrale Bandung

Bandoengsche Melk Centrale (Yes, I know it is quite difficult to type), a.k.a BMC is one of the most well-known places to dine in Bandung. When I arrive during lunchtime, it is hard to get a seat due to many bookings is made in this restaurant. Good thing I was from my breakfast Warung Kopi Purnama.

After waiting for about 15 mins, finally, they assign me a single table for me. The waiters are so busy, so after they toss me the menu, they left to serve beside me and let me wait for quite along. It is understandable for such a restaurant in this crowded people. Even when I sit at my table, two busses stop by to drop the passengers.

Try Their Fresh Milk Product

So this place is famous for milk-based. Legend says that people come far to drink milk in this place. Now, it does sound like a joke, but here I am to see if it is true or not. So my order is plain yogurt milk-based.

Pure yogurt at Bandoengsche Melk Centrale
Pure yogurt @ Bandoengsche Melk Centrale

I am surprised by this milk. Seriously I rarely find such a level of freshness. Fresh and nice. This milk is raw cow milk. I rarely drink milk, but I do taste outstanding milk before in Europe, and this one is on par with Holland milk. I am giving two stars in this place is because of this milk. Absolutely must come to Bandoengsche Melk Centrale for this.

beef ribs at Bandoengsche Melk Centrale
Beef Ribs @ Bandoengsche Melk Centrale

I am quite hungry while waiting for quite a long, so I order this dish to be enjoyed with my drink. This dish is worth to mention, not unique — beef ribs plus sweet sauce and grilled. Yes, the meat is tender and juicy, but you can find this in most of the cafe that serves beef ribs in Bandung.

Conclusion on Bandoengsche Melk Centrale

I like this place because of the milk. I will come to this place again for the milk-based dish and drink. This place does carry great name since 1928!!! So you do visit a quite historical site in Bandung.

You can find the place from plus codes below (paste the code into google maps).

3JQ5+R5 Bandung, Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia

You also can find the link from below:


Check Roti Gempol and also Warung Kopi Purnama when you are in Bandung

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