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Fantastic and Special Best Pad Thai at Thipsamai

I love Bangkok city, it is a food heaven city, where you can find good street food in almost every corner of the road. I think that Thai street food is something that you need to experience once in your life if you have not tried it yet. There are tons of choices, but when it comes to stir-fried food, Thipsamai pad thai has gained its popularity in Bangkok. Many blogs and tourist websites talk about Thipsamai pad thai, not to mention when I enter a taxi and tell the driver I want to go to Thipsamai, he immediately asks me ‘Pad Thai”?. It is not exaggerated if the majority of people who stay in Bangkok know the place.

Spotting Thipsamai pad thai

The shop is effortless to locate even if you don’t know how to read the Thai language, two clues; the first one is a long queue outside of the restaurant. Second is they cook the meal outside, with charcoal. So it is somewhat easy to spot at night, and you would not mistake which shop that lead you to Thipsamai pad thai.

Queue at Thipsamai pad thai
Queue at Thipsamai pad thai
Cooking Thipsamai pad thai

Sad to say the place is not baby-friendly, although they can provide a baby or kid’s chair. So if you are with a small kid, try to ask at the corner place or as long as it is not a middle area.

Inside Thipsamai pad thai
Inside Thipsamai pad thai

Things to Order

There are three recommended dish that you should try if you are the first time, firstly is their signature, Phad Tai. The one I order contains big prawns. Well, it is a bit costly, but worth it!!! I like the way how they wrap Phad Thai with a thin layer of egg. For your info, the egg is not overly cooked, so it blends well with Phad Thai. If you notice, the table serves peanuts powder and also dried bean spout. Try to eat without those first, to taste its original taste. After that you add a bit of peanuts powder and eat together with bean sprout, it will give you another different taste.

Superb Phat Thai Thipsamai pad thai
Superb Phat Thai

The second dish that I tried is to serve with seafood, especially crab meat and dried young mango. Yes, it brings another taste, but for my preference, I still love the original flavor. For this meal, I add their dried chili powder, which goes well when you eat crab meat together.

Phat Thai with Crab meat Thipsamai pad thai
Phat Thai with Crab meat

Never miss this orange drink and the coconut. I prefer their orange juice, it is freshly made, and you can taste the orange pulp, and it feels sweet. If you love a delicious drink, goes with orange but if you want more cooling, coconut goes well too. Both these special drinks you only can find in this place. I had encountered many orange juices and also coconut drink, but nothing tastes as refreshing as theirs.

When It Comes to Drink


Conclusion for Thipsamai pad thai

In the end, these meals are worth to wait. I am waiting outside for about 30 mins, and I keep telling myself that this place should be right. Not only I see many foreigners, but locals do queue in this place too. I rate this place two stars, as when I write this post, I still remember the taste and want to go to this place again.

You can find the details of the place:

Thipsamai pad thai

Address313-315 Maha Chai Rd, Khwaeng Samran Rat, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200, Thailand.

Operating hours: 5 PM – 2 AM.

Google maps link:

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