Matsusaka Beef

Amazing and Tantalizing Matsusaka Beef from Kamon Imperial Hotel Tokyo

This is our first night in Tokyo and my wife and I will be staying at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, which is at Hibiya, very close to Tokyo station. Upon arrival at the airport, it is heavy rain, so we decide to just have our dinner in one of the hotel restaurants. Amazingly, they have six restaurants. I was thinking to have french food, but in Japan, it is kinda waste not to try their Japanese hotel food, so I decide to pick Kamon Imperial Hotel, a teppanyaki style of restaurant. The sign about Matsusaka beef is what attracts me the most.

Arrinving at the Kamon Imperial hotel restaurant, it is so quiet, and the waiters able to speak English fluently and usher us to one of the empty rooms. She gives me a big room just for the two of us. If you want to rent the room, it cost you around 10,800 Yen for room rental only, and both of us have it for free.

Private Room in Kamon Imperial Hotel

The highlight is Matsusaka Beef in Kamon Imperial hotel restaurant

They serve the highest grade of Matsusaka beef (for more details click Wikipedia here)!!!! My wife order one dinner set, and I order Matsusaka beef 200 G, along with some side dishes.

Chef Preparing Food

Once we finish place the order, the chef from Kamon Imperial hotel introduces himself to us, and then he begins preparing the ingredients and cook in front of us. I am expecting some cooking show (throw food on-air and cut it into pieces). OK, no drama. The chef is indeed really focused on cooking food and very meticulous with the spices.

Appetiser, Salad

While he is still cooking, the first dish salad, which serves as an appetizer. It is a fresh salad and very balance ratio of olive oil and salt, together with their traditional salad sauce, which tastes sweet and sour.

Sakhalin Surf Clam

Once we finish with our salad, here comes clam with green tea color sauce. It decorated beautifully, with some asparagus at the side. I do feel kinda waste to eat such a beautiful decorated dish. At first glance, it looks like a green curry sauce, but it is not, in fact, it tastes really creamy and very delicious. It looks me a while to figure out that the thin paper-like on top is almond.


While we enjoying the dish, the chef begins to prepare our third meal, which is a big prawn. It is really big and fresh looking. The chef just put on top of the cooking area without any oil.

Teppanyaki Prawn

We suppose to just eat the meat, with pepper if we like and lime. It is minimalist and tasty. To do this, it needs fresh prawn and good technique to cook it. The meat is juicy, crunchy and sweet.


Here We Go the Main Show

The fourth dish is salmon with prawn crackers. To me, the taste of the sauce is really special, I still have no idea what the sauce is, as far I know I taste good butter, milk, and a little bit mustard. This is the first time I eat my salmon so tasty and I am making sure to finish the sauce as well. Really worth to remember in Kamon Imperial hotel.

Matsusaka Beef

The salmon already give me such enjoyable, until I saw the beef that we order. The marble impresses me and I never saw such beautiful beef in my life. I was told the cow live a life (drinking beer, eat organic food, frequent massage, and classical music when sleeping) better than many of people before they are being slaughtered. I send the picture above to my friend who fancy beef and he also never seen such a beautiful beef.

Matsusaka Beef Steak

The conclusion from Kamon Imperial hotel

My impression is Wooow, I can’t believe I have the chance to enjoy this!! This beef you can’t find outside Japan and they never export this quality to outside Japan. Salt and pepper are what is all it takes. So far this is the best beef that I have ever eaten in my life, it juicy, tender, and melts in the mouth. If you go to Japan and visiting Tokyo, you should at least try the Kamon Imperial Hotel restaurant during your visit.

Cheese Cake with Green Tea Jelly
Vanilla Cake with Sakura Ice Cream

The steak is our last meal, and I am really satisfied with it. We are moving into another room to enjoy our dessert. There are only two options available and we choose different sets in order to enjoy all types of dessert. A great gesture by Kamon Imperial Hotel.

Tokyo View
Tokyo night view

Nice View

The view from the window is astonishing. It does add romantic feelings for both of us. While we enjoy bite by bite, and when the bill sends to us, this is where the reality comes in. The total price for the dinner is more expensive than one night’s stay in the hotel. I am aware that Tokyo is costly to do anything, but never in my imagination, it will be this expensive. I bet I will remember the word ‘Kamon’ and ‘Imperial Hotel’ for having me enjoying Matsusaka beef.

Overall experience dining in Kamon Imperial Hotel Tokyo is really good. For such food quality and experience, this place is worth two stars. It is indeed worth to make a trip here!

Now after such an amazing dinner, my wife and me need to sleep early so that we can have a good sushi feast at Sushi Dai.

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