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The Awesome Kedahan Fantastic Unique Food Nasi Ahmad Kota Damansara

This is my first dining out since 2021! Malaysia has been in the status of movement control order since 2020, and dining in the restaurant is not allowed since the beginning of Jan 2021. So how do I manage so far is home cooking as well as food delivery to my home. My first meal outside since Jan 2021 is Nasi Ahmad Kota Damansara.

queue at nasi ahmad

How to Order in Nasi Ahmad Kota Damansara

Two friends asked me to join the lunch, and they have been in this place a few times in the past two weeks. So it piques my interest to check why they really like to come here to have their lunch. They mention that it comes before 12 PM to enjoy the food nicely else people will stand near your table in the hope that you finish your meal fast and quickly go out.

Nasi Ahmad is a Kedahan food, origin from area name Kedah which located north of peninsular Malaysia. Kedah food is known to have a sweet taste in their main dish, so do expect that most of their food contains a trait of sweetness. As I arrive around 12:10 PM, you can see that there is a small queue.

nasi Ahmad menu
Nasi Ahmad menu

Dishes variety in Nasi Ahmad

The food type is like Nasi Kandar from Penang, where you point what you would like to have, and the person will take the dishes for you. As you can see from the picture above, you might spot their menu and its price, which is considered reasonable since it is located near warehouses and factories.

Varieties of vegetables and meat
ken @ Nasi Ahmad
Fried chicken @ Nasi Ahmad

Take a look at Nasi Ahmad Kota Damansara fried chicken. You can choose the dried one or with some gravy. After you select the type of meat, the person will scope all the curry into your plate.

I count that the curry has five types. You can see four big pots from the photos, and there is one small one behind the two giant pots. I have no idea what kind of curry from each pot, but I recognize the last pot is dhal curry.

So what I choose is one beef meat, one chicken with gravy, one bitter gourd, and lots of curries. When you order, they will ask if you want fried onion. I recommend taking it as it is really fragrant and lovely. So overall, I really love Nasi Ahmad. The curry makes the overall taste a bit sweet with a bit of spicy taste, and since it is all kinds of curry mixed into one. It gives a really unique flavor, especially when you enjoy the meat and vegetable dishes.

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Conclusion for Nasi Ahmad Kota Damansara

I really love this place, and it gives a pleasant after-taste. So I would love to put Nasi Ahmad as one star, in my opinion. If you are in the Kota Damansara area, do visit this place to try. I also give two thumbs for the service. Efficient in taking orders and also friendly.

You can find the location of Nasi Ahmad Kota Damansara from the map below:

Their full address:

K25, Jalan Cecawi 6/19a, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Open from 10 AM to 8 PM, and close on Friday.

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