Beato Aged Steak House

Tender and Unique Dry Aged Steak At Beato Bangsar

Beato dry-aged steak house is located strategically at the heart of Bangsar. It is an excellent place to celebrate some special occasions with a loved one, family, close friends, or other type of events. It is one of my closest friends, birthdays, and he has this craving for beef. I tend to go for the “Usual” place, but this time, I want to make it different. This chance is one of the reasons why I decide to choose Beato dry-aged steak house.

interior at beato dry aged steak house
interior at Beato dry-aged steak house

I love the interior of the place; it kinda classy and sort of “magical” — the entrance to great beef. So after entering the gate, you can see how they aged beef.

Beato aged steak house entrance
aged steak house
aged steak house 2

I love the pictures above. Practically enjoy when they serve on the table after grilled and spices well. A bit story about aged beef, this process is to break down connective tissue, and only high-grade selective meat can be aged. The purpose of this is to concentrate and saturation of natural flavor and make the meat tender naturally. IF you come to Beato steakhouse, do ensure you order from here.

You can order the beef type as well as the size. They actually has cut and bagged several beef parts into consideration size. You can choose and pick which one that you like. There are smaller parts if you want to try, but those who has been here can order big size of meat. It is my first time in here, so I order the small part.

You will be serve entree meal. Well nothing special just a simple bread with butter and olive. At first I was thought it is caviar!!! The colour and shape is quite similar.

caesar salad

This is our “guilt-free” meal. Beato Caesar salad. Nothing special except oversize portion with rich cheese and some bacon. This is our preparation to build the taste in our mouth.

Blue cheese pizza

Not many will like this dish, blue cheese pizza as long as you can stand the smell of blue cheese and able to take some bitter taste. I think it is kind of not wrong, but of course, this can be better, especially if the chef can make better bread.

Main dish!!!

This meat is our main dish!!! Tenderloin and sirloin, cooked in a medium. I only eat medium steak when there is wine. At least alcohol can kill all the gem. Although this steak is edible and tastes well, I do think they should do it better. For a typical steak house, it is above average due to the aged process. But on the cooking, it just a bit ordinary. This meal tastes great if you commonly eat a traditional steak house.

Conclusion for Beato Dry-Aged Steak House

Overall this place worth one star. Aged beef is indeed unique, even when you just cooked it with salt and pepper. Just that if you grill better, this place will be crowded with foodies and beef eaters in the town.

You can find the location of Beato dry-aged steak house at Bangsar from below:

You can checked another steak house with Texan style.

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