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Outstanding Crispy Roast Pork at Kantin Qiu Bandung

I got recommended to go to Kantin Qiu Bandung when I am in Bandung. Simply because I love roast pork dish, I even got warned that this place will be packed with people during lunch or dinner time. So I decided to go early and ensure that I have a seat for myself and enjoying the food slowly.


As you can see the menu, all here are mainly selling pork in many kinds of styles. Love the Kantin Qiu Bandung menu. Simple with pictures so you would not be confused with choices. Bear in mind that the chili level here is really can make your tongue numb unless you love spicy and able to take it.

Pork Soup with Crackers

So as a starter, I order this pork soup. It is somewhat salty soup with the thick taste of pork. I do Indonesian style whereby putting pork skin crackers into the soup, wait till it soaked and eat it in a big piece. This dish is genuinely an Indonesian style of eating!!

Spicy Roast Pork
Spicy Roast Pork

This dish, spicy level 1, has already made my tongue numb. I guess my tolerance for eating a tasty meal has decreased tremendously. This dish is one of the favorite dishes to order. Seriously I see almost all table has this dish. It can tell much how Bandung people love spicy.

Roasted Pork
Kantin Qiu Bandung Roasted Pork

Now, this is the main dish in Kantin Qiu Bandung, roast pork. Simple, yet it packed with a quite good punch of taste. Crunchy on the skin but tender on the meat side. The proposition of fat and meat well balance. Good parts!!

Conclusion for Kantin Qiu Bandung

If you love roast pork, look no further as this is a perfect place to go! This place worth one star! If lazy to queue, do order through grab food or go-food (food delivery apps) and they will deliver to your doorstep. Don’t forget to give tips as it will be helping the delivery person.

Maps for Kantin Qiu Bandung as below:


After this, you can head to Roti Gempol for your snack or dessert.

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