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One of Best Authentic Thai Milk Crepe at Petite Audrey Bangkok

It is my first time going to Petite Audrey in Bangkok. I had read many blog posts about this cafe. Especially I should not miss their Thai milk crepe from this post. I seldom go to cafe especially when I am in Bangkok (I am more fans of street food, see my other post about Phat Thai and boat noodle) Well, since my meeting will be around mall and restaurant, so I decide to come to this place to enjoy their Thai milk crepe.

Interior 1 @ Petite Audrey
Interior 2 @ Petite Audrey

I love their interior, feels like a garden theme, with trees and light. Not to mention the furniture and tables that they use. One thing that noticeable is their dessert display. At the center of the shop, well light and catch attention when you enter the shop. One thing for sure is that they have lots of stock for their specialty.

Thai Milk Crepe

Their Thai milk tea crepe. The thickness of the milk special. I love this very much!!!! It has become top of my dessert list in Bangkok. I seldom take sweet stuff, but this crepe is not as soft as what I imagine (considering Thai people take fresh beyond my level). The pancake itself is somewhat typical, but people come to this shop to enjoy this Thai milk tea.

Unicorn Crepe

This is our second order. The shop waiter said it is limited time only. They use coconut-based and raw brown sugar. Suitable to have for those who love coconut very much. I can say this crepe is a little bit sweet to me.

The conclusion at Petite Audrey 

I recommend this place, and I am giving a one-star rating. So if you pass by Siam station, you need to go to Siam paragon and from there walk about 4 mins. Go to the top floor were lots of cafes.

Find the place location using plus code:

PGWM+C8 Bangkok, Thailand

Or link below:

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