Roti Gempol Bandung

Mainstream but Stunning Crunchy Toast Bread at Roti Gempol Bandung

Toast bread is quite stiff competition in Bandung. Google the best place to eat in Bandung, and you will find a couple of toast bread. I like toast bread when it is homemade bread with homemade ingredients. Many toast bread in Bandung they do serve in generous condense milk, cheese, chocolate, or any other sweet elements (Calling for sweet tooth people!!). I had been to Warung Kopi Purnama, a legendary coffee shop in Bandung. To me, that place is outstanding, but my friend told me I should try Roti Gempol and make a comparison. I am glad that I listen to him and visit this place.

Interior of roti gempol
Interior @ Roti Gempol

The interior is small and straightforward, but if you come at the weekend, expect to have a queue and waiting about 20 – 40 mins. One thing for sure, they cook quite fast, so it depends on those who dine in are they able to leave quickly after a meal. You can order any bread and filling, but they only serve food, so if you love coffee, you have to take it somewhere else. I love the specialist shop like this. Only serve what they can make the best.

peanut butter roti gempol
Peanut Butter @ Roti Gempol

It comes quite fast after I order. I do come after breakfast time, so not many people when I arrive at roti Gempol. The bread is excellent, toast nicely, and thickness is just right. Love the way how they put peanut butter in a unique composition. Not too much, but not too little. The crunchiness is superb. I like this one!! I told myself that I would visit again when I am in Bandung.

Conclusion for Roti Gempol

This place is right for a quick breakfast, and you want to have excellent toast bread — one star for this place. I like the peanut, just that I wish they use better milk in their meal. Too bad they did not serve coffee as it will go well with the bread.

You can find the place from plus codes below:

3JW8+V8 Bandung, Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia

Or you google maps:


When I am in Bandung, I always go for Warung Kopi Purnama for their black coffee after eating this toast bread.

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