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I have a personal time with my son, after a few days of finishing my work before a long holiday at Christmas. Bringing kids to eat outside is challenging for me. Especially when my wife keeps mentioning to bring him to healthy food. McDonald, KFC, or some fried noodle always comes to my mind. But yeah, none of those are considered wholesome, according to my wife. So I spend more than half an hour to google some food in Sunway. I found face to face noodle house at Sunway. Good thing that my wife has brings my son there, so it is considered a healthy meal.

Face to face noodle house counter
Face to face noodle house counter

When we arrive, it is not many people because it is not dinner time yet. Yeah, we took early dinner. It feels like a whole restaurant is booked by us. Even we can have more than one waiters to serve us. All of them are friendly and kids’ loving. They do play, and chit chat with my son for a while before our food arrived.

Special home made soup based

Since it is a rainy day, I get homemade pan mee soup, it is one of face to face noodle house specialty. The food portion here is significant, so I only order the average size. You can choose any noodle, and I love hand pulled one. They give salted fish quite generous, and it is crunchy!

Special home made dry

The homemade pan mee for my son. He requested a dry one. Love the egg. Cook till perfection. This is also another specialty of face to face noodle house.


I love this place, so it is a one-star rating for me. The noodle cooks nicely, the soup base is good. For dry one, the sauce is superb. Totally happy with the meal and my son love this place.

You can find the face to face noodle house from a link below:

The link above is the Sunway branch because the noodle house has many locations.

If you happen in Sunway, you can go to Thyme out for Mexican food.

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