Famous Special Korean Fried Chicken Kyochon at One Utama

In Malaysia, whenever talk about fried chicken, KFC will be the first name that pops up in our mind, since small whenever any celebration or wanting to have a proper meal, obviously KFC will be the primary name to appear, who could not forget about crispy fried chicken and their slogan fingers licking good? Now I really want to try this hype Korean fried chicken Kyochon. Something worth trying!

Korean Fried Chicken Kyochon

So when I am in One Utama, I am looking for a quick meal to enjoy since I am so hungry and just back from KLIA 2 airport, I was thinking of Subway, but when I see people queue outside Kyochon restaurant, I want to give it a try, since the crowd seldom lies when it comes to food. This restaurant is expanding to Asia aggressively. Korean famous for many things and fried chicken is one of them. Many Koreans want to have their Korean fried chicken with beer.

Korean Fried Chicken Kyochon

Salsal Chicken, Korean Fried Chicken Kyochon
Salsal Chicken

Salsa chicken, one of the recommended dishes if you are the first time in Kyochon. It is boneless chicken coated with special rice batter. I like the crunchiness and juicy. It fits perfectly with the garlic fried rice that I order. Now I know why Korean Fried Chicken Kyochon is quite a highlight.

Spicy Chicken Drumsticks, Korean Fried Chicken Kyochon
Spicy Fried Chicken Drumsticks

The second-order will be spicy chicken drumsticks. Korean always fond of anything that spicy, take example Kimchi. You want to have some fire in your mouth, try fire noodle Samyang Ramen. The spiciness is somewhat mild, which I think to cater to a bigger crowd, but you can ask for spicy chili from the waiters if you want to have it more pungent.

Le Min Ho, Model for Korean Fried Chicken Kyochon
Le Min Ho


Kyochon also engaged a famous Korean star, as shown in the picture above. I think he is quite renowned in South Korea and some other countries.
At this moment, whenever I want to have fried chicken, I will be thinking of Kyochon rather than KFC. The chicken is less grease, and they are freshly prepared. You need to wait around 15 mins before it arrived at your table.

One of the biggest reasons why Kyochon is they did not put MSG, and they fried their chicken with Canola Oil, which way healthier compare with regular cooking oil, which KFC using. I like the taste of the chicken, so I am giving one star for Kyochon, although it is a chain restaurant, you need to go and try to know how good the quality is.

The place is located at ground floor new wing, opposite BMS organic, and pretty much nearby cold storage and subway.

kyochon map one utama
Kyochon map One Utama

You can find it from here

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