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Epic And Outstanding Famous Iberico Pork Found At Anne Elizabeth

It’s one of my good friends birthday and five of us, all men, looking for a meaty place where it serves alcohol and meat. Many restaurants pop out from our minds, and we decide to choose Anne Elizabeth as our option for that night. We want to have a significant amount of protein meals. Now, I am not a fan of driving more than half an hour for some average restaurant. So I have high expectations for this. Seriously, I never heard of Anne Elizabeth. It must be because they are in Taman Segar, Cheras area. The place that I seldom go.

Waiting at Anne Elizabeth
Waiting at Anne Elizabeth

When I arrive there, wow, I see many people queue to dine here. Which is why they set up the waiting counter, which I think is an excellent service that puts the customer first in mind. You can grab as many candy and jelly as you like. Hahaha, and the waiting chair is comfortable as well. It is indeed an excellent place for dining with a group of people. I need to wait for 5 mins before they prepare my table. It is a fast dining place. From this experience, I know that I would not dine here on the weekend for a very long queue unless making a reservation.

Guide to make order in Anne Elizabeth

Head to the meat counter

How to order main course
How to order main course
Main course
Main course

The menu that on the table is a drink menu, for the main course you need to go to counter to choose what you want to have. Bring the number that the waiter gives you before you sit on your table so that they can send the dish to the right table. Yes, it can be confusing for the first-timer, and what I love their waiters is amiable and kind to explain how to order the main dish. So once you hit the counter, you can ask their recommendation if you are first-timer.

Choose your choice of meat

Meat selection 1
Meat selection 1
Meat selection 2
Meat selection 2

Here you go, first-course selection. Now I did not take any lamb and beef, as I think I instead focus on pork meat (Anne Elizabeth specialty). I come with four adult men who are hungry and ready to eat a significant quantity of food. Talk about the price. It is not expensive, compare to √Čl Cedor at Changkat Bukit Bintang.

One thing that worth note is that they serve Iberico pork, .A.K.A. black pig. Here is the wiki article about Iberian pig.

Anne Elizabeth Dishes

portobello at anne elizabeth

My first order, Portobello. This oversize mushroom is useful when you grill with cheese and some bacon plus tomato. It is a rather simple dish, but it takes an amount of experience to prepare this dish. One thing that can be improved is that the prep effort. Too bad it gives a feeling of water, due to the slight excess of oil.

Pancetta at anne elizabeth

One of the best Pancetta that I had in my life. It is rather rare to have this in Asian, well not to mention the price is on the high side. The juicy meat balance with the oil part is what makes this dish outstanding. Their apple sauce is good too. So order a beer when you eat this as it will bring out better after taste. One trick to have this in the best feeling cut a small piece of rosemary and eat it together without any dipping sauce and mustard.

Signature pork long ribs at anne elizabeth
Signature pork long ribs

This is one of the signature dishes of Anne Elizabeth, long ribs. Well, it is a somewhat average dish, with some burn on the specific side which gives away a bitter taste. Use the sauce to dip to reduce bitter taste or take the burnside away. I taste better of the pork ribs, so for me, it is rather average taste.

First signature dish @ Anne Elizabeth

Iberico signature at anne elizabeth
Iberico signature

Now, this is the authentic signature dish, in my opinion. It cooks 70% to make the meat juicy and tender. The first time I eat non-fully cooked pork, I guess it is entirely worth to take a risk. Rather than using the slow-cooked method, Anne Elizabeth using a high flame cook for this dish, which is why they did not thoroughly cook to obtain a liquid level. If they use better pepper and salt, this dish will gain an outstanding taste.

Our own version of sorbet

Watermelon salad at anne elizabeth
Watermelon salad

Sorbet is served. Yes, I am serious. Nothing special with this dish. Watermelon, some greens, and mayo sauce. All can be obtained in the supermarket. We get this to wash our meat taste, which is very important for our second round of meat order.

Sausages at anne elizabeth

Four types of sausages. I love the spicy one, and that is it for this. If they make it slightly saltier, it will be useful to pair with beer. But yeah, at least it is somewhat healthy with low-sodium version.

Second signature dish @ Anne Elizabeth

Signature pork belly at anne elizabeth
Signature pork belly

Another highlight dish that I love. Signature pork belly. The one I got is rich with fats!!! Yeah, my artery is ready for this dish. Thanks for the sorbet, I can taste this dish better after my mouth cleanses from all the ‘meaty taste.’

Overall experience from Anne Elizabeth

I love to come here again, during a weekday. Yes, driving this far is somehow worth it. The total price is not on the high side. Any cafe you go, you will get a similar amount for the main dish, which is average R.M. 18 – R.M. 25. I am rating this restaurant as one star, and it gives excellent experience, friendly service, and fast serving. If they can step up on the cooking style, it will provide better taste and experience.

You can find the location from the link below:

Open from 12 PM to 11 PM. To avoid having a long waiting time, do make a reservation by calling their number 03-9130 0319.

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