Baan Ying Style Omelet

Dine Here For Authentic Siam Kitchen Thai Food Baan Ying

While I am in Bangkok, browsing an excellent place to dine. I come across Baan Ying from this post. Most of the blogs post related to Baan Ying is in the Thai language, so I did not pay much attention. Good thing that my meeting will be held in Siam center shopping mall, so why not visit this place. So I found a couple of blog posts about this place and Baan Ying is famous for their traditional cooking, northern Thai style.

Baan Ying interior

Interior 1 @ Baan Ying cafe
Interior 2 @ baan ying cafe
Interior 2 @ Baan Ying cafe

Check their interior. This place is comfortable to dine alone, or couple. They even cater for a big group up to 6 people in one long table. If you come here with more than ten people, I suggest you make a reservation, and they will arrange the schedule accordingly.


Deep fried pork belly
Deep-Fried Pork Belly

This is one of their specialty, deep-fried pork belly. The pork skin is crunchy, and the meat part is juicy. They cook it to perfection!! Love the balance of the meat and the fat. Although it is a bit dry to eat it alone, you need to keep into the vinegar sauce to enhance the flavor.

Baan Yee Omelet
Baan Yee Omelet

This is their legendary menu. Baan Ying omelet. I can say this dish is the one that I will come again to this place at any time. Love the perfection of the egg, a thin layer with a soft taste. I order plain one so that I can taste the egg cooking. You can add to cheese, mushrooms, etc. for your taste.

Green Curry

Northern Thai is quite well known for its curry, and this green curry is the one that recommended by the waiters. There are two options you can choose from the menu: chicken or beef. I prefer chicken so that the taste of curry does not overshadow by beef taste. I like it, especially the thickness of curry and coconut milk.

Mango Salad with Fried Salmon
Mango Salad with Fried Salmon

You are not allowed to leave the place if you did not order this (just my thought). Mango salad is the most traditional dish in Thailand if you want to taste their culture. This dish is not to miss. It is quite spicy, good thing it is not too sour. Somehow the fried salmon feel well with mango salad. I guess this is Baan Ying’s creation.

Stir fried crabmeat
Stir-fried crab meat

This stir-fried crab meat is another must-try. Of course, it is not comparable with Jay Fai crab omelet. This dish is good enough to enjoy. Sadly I went to Jay Fai and only realized I did not take any photo after finish the meal T__T.

Conclusion for Baan Ying

This place is a must-visit if you are nearby Siam MRT station. The price is quite a premium side, but the food is worth every penny. During my dining, I did not order Thai rice, so the food is slightly salty to my taste, but that is ok and fine for me.

You can find Baan Ying from plus codes below:

PGWJ+HX Bangkok, Thailand

or google maps from below link:


After I am done dining this place, I actually head to Petit Audrey for dessert.

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