Foong Wei Heong Restaurant

Authentic Chinese Food at Foong Wei Heong Restaurant at George Town Penang

Penang is really a capital for food heaven in Malaysia (not only me saying about this). So if you are looking for a good restaurant, enjoying excellent Chinese food while tasting a traditional style of cooking. Foong Wei Heong restaurant is something that you can consider. Yes, it is viewed as a bit expensive compared to the neighborhood, yet locals still coming to dine here with family.

Crispy chicken marmite @ Foong Wei Heong Restaurant
Crispy chicken marmite
crispy pork marmite @ Foong Wei Heong Restaurant
crispy pork marmite

My group has five children, so something crispy and sweet is a must to order, so we took two dishes, pork, and chicken fried with marmite style. These dishes settle the needs of children’s food. So let’s focus on adult one, tee hee.

homemade tofu
homemade tofu

One highly recommended in Foong Wei Heong restaurant is actually their duck dish, just that in this time, who eats duck is only two persons. So I have to let it go and order their homemade tofu instead. The softness and great taste of tofu cooked perfectly with its sauce.

stir-fried vegetable

Next dish obviously some vegetable, stir-fried vegetable. At one glance, it is just a typical dish. But I get it really wrong. The crunchiness of the vegetable and nice smell makes this dish above your average stir-fried one.

seaweed soup

My older brother wants one soup dish, so seaweed soup is what the waiter recommended. Hiding there has a homemade fish ball that chewy and sweet.

Overall experience on Foong Wei Heong Restaurant

It is indeed one star from me! If you are in a nearby area, do visit this restaurant and have a good family dinner here. Do come early to avoid the disappointment of fully booked or packed. When I dine here on a typical weekday, I see people are waiting outside. Not to mention when the weekend.

You can find the location of Foong Wei Heong restaurant from a link below:


While writing this, I am thinking of having a dessert souffle pancake after dinner will be good.

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