Astonishing Awesome Food At Epic Restaurant Wizards At Tribeca

Kuala Lumpur has a lot of great food to discover and enjoy. This city has never amused me how each year, a new cafe will provide a unique ambiance and gastronomy experience that attracts people. One of the new places that I discovered recently is Wizards at Tribeca, located on the ground floor of Residensi Tribeca, Jalan Imbi.

I see at google place rating, and this place has almost achieved perfect five stars when this article is written. What attracts me is there are lots of beautiful pictures displayed on google place and many blog posts regarding the restaurant. Of course, that makes me want to visit this place badly. So I decided to bring the entire family to dine here.

wizards at tribeca
wizards at tribeca

My first impression of Wizards at Tribeca is enjoyable and friendly. See, I arrive at this place on Saturday night at 5:30 PM without any reservation. The waiters told me that most of the seats inside are fully booked, only outside tables are available. I agree to take the table as I just come to dine and then go. It turns out that I regret it because outdoor have many mosquitos, and I request the waiters to bring mosquito repellant if they have any. By the time I asked this, I can see few bites from mosquitoes on my arm. Sadly there is no mosquito repellent, so I request the kitchen to cook my food fast, and we just eat as soon as possible. 

Digital menu for wizards at tribeca

wizards at tribeca menu

The exciting thing is that they ask me if I can finish my meal in one and half an hour, but it totally depends on how fast you serve the food. Then the waiter asking me to move inside, which I am really grateful for their kindness. After we settle at our new table, we need to scan the barcode that is stuck on the table so you can get their digital menu. This move is something that I really love. 

So here are our orders:

  • Wizards Foie Gras Brioche
  • Crispy Chicken Salad
  • Wizards Beef Burger
  • Classic Carbonara
  • Matcha Delight
  • Pandan Burnt Cheese Cake
  • Single Origin Pahang Chocolate

We are starving, which is why we order so many dishes to try. 

Our Starter – Wizards Foie Gras Brioche

wizards at tribeca foie gras

Now I did not expect that I can find Foie Gras in Wizards of Tribeca. My last Foie Gras is cooked by the legendary chef in Il était une Oie dans le Sud-Ouest. Can I compare it with the legendary place in Paris? No. Because it is not on the fair standing as material for Foie Gras in Asia is not easy to find, it is limited. Despite that, the chef put a reasonable effort into making this dish quite close to Parisian taste, of course with a twist of Asian in it. 

Second Starter – Crispy Chicken Salad

There is nothing much special in this dish. It consists of green vegetables, sauce, and fried chicken. The fried chicken is tender and crispy, not overcooked. Kudos to the chef who prepare this. One thing that I can comment, take out the not-fresh part of vegetables. It affects the whole taste and even gives a bad feeling. 

First Main Dish – Classic Carbonara

Order this for my son, as he loves pasta so much. Love the milky taste and also pasta taste that cooks just lovely. Saltiness is suitable for kids and even cheesy flavor. Somehow my son able to finish about 60% of the portion, which consider a lot for him. He only does this when he loves the food so much. 

Second Main Dish – Wizards Beef Burger

Well, I did not order a premium selection of burgers, like wagyu or black Angus. Because for me, when you cook such great meat for a burger, it does not taste much different compare to a good patty burger. It will be a different level when it comes to steak, as you can really taste in very detail what good meat is. But this one is good enough to have at wizards at tribeca.

First Dessert – Matcha Delight (Wizards at Tribeca)

Order this because of the strawberry. My son really loves strawberries, probably due to his Cameron Highland gene. So any dessert contains strawberries, you know where it goes in the family. Overall, the sweetness is good. Matcha taste is a thick and good light dessert for the matcha lover. 

Second Dessert – Pandan Burnt Cheese Cake (Wizards at Tribeca)

This is one of my favorite desserts in this place. Really love it so much. The pandan taste and smell really adequate, compliment with cheese taste. It is really authentic Asian taste. 

Beverages to Try – Single Origin Chocolate (Wizards at Tribeca)

When you are at Wizards at Tribeca, you need to try this hot chocolate. Not only does it taste rich in chocolate, but you can also taste a faint umami taste. This taste you would not get from supermarket instant cocoa powder. The richness compliment the overall flavor of cocoa gives you a mouthful of surprise. 

Overall Dining at Wizards at Tribeca

I really love this place. They serve good food and cool ambient. Food does serve at a good pace, and waiters are responsive to a reasonable request. Now why I said that because I know, there are times that customers demand something ridiculous. They are trying their best to accommodate family dining. I would love to try their selected wine list to be paired with Foie Gras. 

Overall, my rating is one star. This restaurant serves good food and services, just that in terms of exceptional food. It is something that needs to put more effort into cooking. If you are looking for a restaurant that provides good food, this is the place. But when it comes to the food that can trigger all your tastebud in your tongue, probably not here because most of the dishes that we tried, the entire dishes are within the safe level of good food. 

Check there are few more good food in KL, such as Cheeese Naan RSMY, or Roast Pork Wong Mei Kee.

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