My name is Ricky and my mission is to share my food journal thru this blog to bring valuable foodie guide that I had experience in my life.


Chopsticks are the common dining tools to eat in Asia countries, where most food will be served with chopsticks rather than fork and knife/spoon. So when I was thinking about the cool name, I was at a Chinese wedding dinner banquet, with about ten people at the table and we enjoy the food that served to us. This is where the ten chopsticks’ name comes from simply there are ten chopsticks on each table. as I want to have 9 more authors that share the same passion and taste bud similar to mine for this blog.

What I do best

I proudly call myself a foodie, and I am no shy about telling people that I am a foodie, it can see from the size of my body, where I have some extra fat wrapping my body, one is to protect my organ, and the second to make my body warm (Two excuses to counter the idea of how lazy I am to do sport). Whenever I ask someone to join me with lunch or dinner, people mostly trust my taste thus I want to journal my food and share it with all of my readers.

What is the star rating

You might notice I often grade ‘Worth to Mention’ ‘One Star’ ‘Two Stars’ ‘Three Stars’ in this blog, so ‘Worth to Mention’ is the place where you might want to visit for a simple dining experience or something that you might want to try if you are at the area. ‘One Star’ is given to a dish or restaurant that has to reach a good quality of food, good taste, and memorable experience. ‘Two Stars’ is given to dishes or restaurants that exceptional in taste, quality, freshness, and leaving a long impression of a memory. ‘Three Stars’ is the highest star rating given to a restaurant or dish that reaching an outstanding level and it is worth putting on a bucket list.

These ratings are pretty much similar to Michelin Stars, but the difference is the star rating for Ten Chopsticks focuses more on taste, experience, and also strong impression compare to Michelin stars where it took consideration of presentation, smell, and restaurant ambient. I love Michelin star rating, just that it has reached a point where taste, impression, and experience has become less significant.

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